Self Presentation

Non-verbal communication (NVC) – body language – is a core part of how any, and every, human communicates; it is so integral to our communication, that it is our own personal PowerPoint – self presentation.

Self presentation goals clients may have include:

  • Improve selling skills & forge bonds faster
  • Excel at presentations & improve leadership skills
  • Present self better on dates & decrease social anxiety

The work I do on NVC is very much on a consultancy basis; my client and I think, and work, together. We collaborate to understand how they present themselves, how they would like to present themselves, and making the latter a reality. To do this, I will teach clients different NVC stances, gestures, and  gestural emblems, that both better present their personal aims, and their core message.

Simply, I work with my clients to do three things: 1. Understand the idiosyncrasies of their own body language; 2. Change them, and therefore 3. Communicate better.

This can be done as a one-off session – for example to prepare for a presentation – or as part of a wider course of psychological coaching.

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