Psychological Coaching

Psychological coaching is seeing a psychologist, but not because you’re worried about something. Instead, psychological coaching seeks to assist people “making a change”, or address a doubt. This is achieved by:

  • Stimulating powerful conversation
  • Assessing and fully understanding what is to be changed
  • Creating a personalised change program

Think of me as your personal trainer. I will work with you to increase your mental fitness, helping you complete the marathon we call life.

The Process:

I provide space and conversation that is based solely on you. In this space, tell me:

  • What you want to fix
  • What you want to focus on
  • What you are looking to gain

Once we examine why you are seeking psychological coaching, I will create a unique plan for you. This plan includes:

  • Role play
  • Discussion
  • Psychological techniques and strategies to enable change
  • Behavioural simulations to practice and solidify change

How many sessions, and over what period of they take place, is based on the individual; but a approximately 7-8 sessions over 3 months is a good, rough guide.

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